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Snohomish County Latino Coalition /

What we did


A non-profit organization that brings together organizations, schools, and businesses that offer assistance and information services to the Latino community in Snohomish County.  


We integrated vibrant colors like the folk costumes from different Latin American countries to reflect the warmth and diversity of the Latino culture. The logo resembles a pine tree made up of community members.
Something important was to consider that some users had little or no experience with the Internet, and some users are not fluent in the English language.


  • Multiple links. You can navigate the page via icons or the main menu.
  • Visual elements indicating what action we expect from the user as arrows for hidden information and clear dropdown menus.
  • Visual elements (icons) to facilitate the identification of the type of service.
  • All information is in English and Spanish.
What we did

Prime House Cleaning is a family business that needed to take the next step and create a web page to have an online presence. Since this is a cleaning services company, the design had to represent this. The visual experience of the page is simple, clean, orderly, and above all, very professional to represent the same values as the company.


The users of this page are generally professionals and people who work and value the use of their time, so the design is focused on making the information easy to find and navigate.



  • Call for action on the first page. This button always appears in the first window.
  • Custom icons for quick identification of each of the services.
  • Mobile-first approach.
What we did

Mandiles Mexican Grill is a Mexican restaurant in the area of Bremerton, WA. They needed to have their menu online so their customers could know the menu and prices in advance, either to dine-in or to call for pick up.

The users of this page are generally comfortable with technology and will use primarily their cell phones when looking for restaurants.


  • Mobile-first responsive Web design.
  • Easy to navigate, one-page scrolling.
  • Easy accessibility (menu, scrolling, and clear sections.

Hair Salon/

What we did

Study project for Hair salon. This project’s challenge was to include all the services needed for the optimal functioning of a hair salon, such as the ability to accept and schedule appointments, receive payments, and link social media accounts.


The users are primarily women in the age range of 20-50 that are comfortable using the internet to search for services and products.

The main goal is to publicize the services offered by the salon and motivate people to schedule an appointment through the website.


  • Clear call to action, on the hero section.
  • Important information as schedule and address on hero section.
  • Gallery of services provided.
  • Live Appointments forms.

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